We can tailor any service to your specific needs.

Home Staging and Redesign

We offer 4 different levels for In Home Staging and Design.

Vacant Home Staging Solutions

Homes that are empty are in special need of staging and here is where we shine!

Peak Home Prep can meet your needs.

We specialize in transforming your existing home accessories and furniture into an irresistible vision of what a buyer is looking for. This is known as home staging. We can also help you create a home space to match and satisfy you and your family’s unique tastes and style. This is known as redesign.

We will devote our time, knowledge, and expertise to help you realize the highest sale price and the quickest turn around time when you are ready to sell your most valued possession, your home. 

Home Staging – Do You Really Need It?

We Can Help You Decide
It’s great if your home makes you feel happy, relaxed, content. Unfortunately some of us are anxious, overwhelmed, even confused. Peak Home Prep Home Staging offers up solutions.
See clutter, mismatched colors, unused spaces, and confusion? Want to solve all these problems?
Thinking about selling your home? Been trying to sell your home for some time, but found little success?
Responsible for selling someone else’s home? At a loss for how to proceed?

7 Ways Peak Home Prep Home Staging Can Help You

  1. Kate and Peggy from Peak Home Prep Home Staging are objective observers.  We can instantly see your home through fresh eyes.  This is the first step to preparing your home for the most timely and profitable sale possible.
  2. PHP Home Staging has experienced many different scenarios.  We can help you define each space in your home, create focal points, and provide you with the ultimate in  furniture, accessories and color schemes.
  3. PHP Home Staging has great flexibility.  We love getting to know our clients and pledge to best meet your needs, your schedule, and your budget.
  4. PHP Home Staging can help you clarify and refine your home’s message.  We understand the real estate market. We know your home must appeal to a prospective buyer within the first three minutes.
  5. PHP Home Staging has a wealth of resources to draw upon.  We offer 4 levels of staging – see our Services Page for Home Staging. In addition we offer quick remedies for vast improvements such as paint, color, minor renovations and technology upgrades.
  6. PHP Home Staging understands family responsibilities often involve having to sell someone else’s home. For example, sometimes a parent, or a sibling’s home must be sold.  Our experience in this realm is varied and extensive.
  7. PHP Home Staging appreciates and validates architectural design.  We have staged homes that identify as craftsman, modern, lakefront, eclectic, farmhouse and cottage.  We have an eye for design, and a deep understanding of the vital role colors play in framing each genre.  In addition, we possess an extensive stock of appropriate furniture and decor to supplement and complement our staged homes.